They often make a process easier

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 There are several basic types: life support equipment, therapeutic equipment, medical monitors, diagnostic equipment and medical laboratory equipment. All machines listed above are very advanced, but there is other medical equipment that is today considered quite usual and normal, although it's discovery made quite a difference. . They often make a process easier, and fulfil their tasks faster. Some of the life support equipment includes anaesthetic machines; medical ventilators; ECMO, providing both respiratory and cardiac support to a patient with severe heart and lung damage and heart-lung machines, such as CPB or cardiopulmonary bypass that during surgery temporarily takes the function of both heart and lungs. Before this, doctors had to rely only on their knowledge, herbs and few instruments that were at hand and that were believed to help in treating patients. Stethoscope has practically become doctors' symbol, but it was not invented until 1816. It is also used for monitoring and treatment of a medical condition a patient has.  Medical laboratory equipment is used in analysing blood, urine and genes. Important thing is to remember that medical equipment cannot replace doctors and other health care workers, but they do make their jobs simpler and more efficient. Some devices belonging to this type are EEG, recording electrical activity of the neurons and ECG, recording electrical activity of the heart. Spectacles for example, are now rarely even considered to be a medical device and are often used as a fashionable accessory. Life support equipment helps a patient to maintain bodily function. Medical monitors measure patients' medical state, monitoring their vital signs. Medical lasers and infusion Dust Removal Machine pumps, infusing nutrients, medication or fluids into a patient's circulatory system, belong to the group of therapeutic equipment. Many other inventions, both those already mentioned and others such as mercury thermometer, hypodermic syringe and artificial pacemaker have changed the world and saved lives of numerous people. Medical equipment is used to help people in a number of different ways, therefore giving people an opportunity to have longer, better lives. Medical imaging machines, used to aid in diagnosis belong to diagnostic equipment, which includes X-ray machines, ultrasound and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines, along with CT (X-ray Computed Tomography) and PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanners.Nowadays medicine is a very advanced science. Yet again, without the human factor a problem can be overlooked simply because the machine is programmed to analyze or look for a particular kind of problem. On the other hand, medicine heavily relies on it, which is not always a good thing. It was highly influenced by the development of other branches of science and technology. Machines make fewer mistakes than people, but even they can make one. Medical equipment is very important aid in making an accurate diagnosis. Also, they often had to rely on luck. Medicine today is a lot different and medical equipment plays a great role in examining patients. Without advanced medical equipment patients often died not only before there were few drugs, but because their diagnosis was not accurate.


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